Sue Quatermass

“Hello Anique, I am so glad that your dream birthed the convocation into being, and that we had a chance to all meet with and hold ceremony together. it was amazing, i loved seeing the different temples bring their unique way of holding ceremonies alive in the convocation. 

Thank you for holding such an important event and space for all of this to unfold, your strength and willingness to show up and be there during each day of the convocation was incredible, I just hope that you were able to and continue to rest and recover, remember and dream anew.

I also loved the way we were able to enter into healing ceremonies and spaces together, we all hold so much in the world as we are bringing Goddess alive again, that it’s easy to forget that we too need to stay in the healing and processing journey, taking time to honour and hold each other was a pure gift of this convocation. 

Thank you for welcoming me at the last minute to step in where needed. It was a pleasure and a privilege. 

and I look forward to seeing you again in 2024,  Goddess bless your big heart Anique, blessings for your Motherline and gratitude for your presence,  with love, Sue Quatermass