Pam Gerke

“Thank you very much for creating everything the vision of the Convocation could come true! And yes, it unfolded in a truly gorgeous way! Enjoyed and loved as it was, the ceremonies together, the sharings in between programmes, all our excursions…and the whole event! 
I am grateful and lookin forward to our next convocation in 2024! 
Good Health, strengths for you and all the best that could possibly flow from Goddess on you!    Nikoletta Pozsgai “
“Hello Anique,
Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful Convocation!  I had a fantastic experience in all ways – the rituals were deep and meaningful, the healing temple, oracle temple, and Sound Healing were insightful for me, the excursions to sacred sites were powerful, and I met many fabulous women and men who inspired me in  many ways – especially YOU!!!

One of my favorite memories is going down to the beach with Judy from Australia to greet the dawn with a swim in the Sea of Crete to a cave.  Wow!  So wonderful!

I was also moved by the performances we saw there and am inspired to continue to do more Sacred Drama, Dance and Music of my own.  (I write musicals and am currently doing a graphic version of one of them – all my shows are about the Rise of the Motherworld.)

Many blessings on your work and I’ll see you when you come to Gaia’s Temple in Seattle!  Yours,   Pam Gerke “