In the beautiful vision for the Convocation in Crete, that I received some years ago, it was clear to me that the feeling of the Convocation I was witnessing was one of complete togetherness. There was a sense that all those present were moving together in some way, motivated and inspired by the same information and experience.

I actually felt the energy in my vision, as if I was actually there, and the feeling of solidarity and the bonding I felt was simply breathtaking.


As I thought more and more about the convocation, it also became clear to me that any offering presented at the convocation had to be to the whole group. I shared this idea with a number of sisters that I respect and they all concurred that to have all sessions presented in plenary would be marvellous.


This convocation is to be a gathering of spiritual peers – not an academic conference of sharing what you ‘know’ – but Priestesses sharing how you ‘do’ your devotional practices to Goddess in your home land. Through your ancient ‘remembering’, we ask you to demonstrate or to interactively take us through your group or individual practices of devotion or service

So we are putting out the call to all groups of Priestesses around the world to share with us the work that you do in your land. There are three types of offerings that we are seeking:

Ritual – a ceremony which is enacted on a regular basis in your Temple/Community, such as:
Full Moon Rituals, Sabbat rituals, or others

Ceremony – a ceremony conducted either just once or on occasion such as:
Baby namings, house blessings, menarche ceremonies

We shall also be seeking offerings of Sacred drama and performance, and will be putting out the call a little later.