The Great Reclaiming

18 – 24 OCTOBER 2024

In 2013,  I had a vision.

It was a grand vision (you can read it here)  to gather Priestesses from all over the world, to share and connect to build a Global Priestess Community, to work collectively to bring the Motherworld into Being.

One hundred and twenty-eight Souls responded, and in October 2022, one hundred and twenty three Priestesses and five Priests of the  Goddess  gathered on the beautiful and sacred island of Crete and sent out a powerful message:

“We are here
We are whole
We are you
We are Goddess”

The venue we stayed at, the Chrissi Amoudia Hotel was the perfect place to be, and each day our global community transformed the hotel into a festival and dazzled the other guests with our beauty and power.

Our Temple was raised before our eyes and became the most beautiful ceremonial space any Priestess could wish for.  With many hands, banners were put up all around the walls and altars were created in what seemed a twinkling of an eye….

Goddess temple alter in Crete

The downstairs conference room became our sanctuary and the location for evening events of healing, divination and performance

Our two excursions were wildly successful with the Ceremony at Malia one of the highlights of the gathering…..

The stage area became the magical theatre where our sacred drama was enacted and where we danced the night away for our Gala……

And the final gift of the Convocation was the Minoan Theatre night where the mythology of Crete unfolded before our eyes followed by a sumptuous Cretan feast and dancing!

Minoan theatre night

Words cannot describe the response to the whole event expressed by all who attended….you can read some testimonials below.

So now, the planning for our Convocation in 2024 has begun!

The new Logo by Maro Vedava is a glorious rebirth of the original logo and is even more beautiful than before. 

Dreaming Circles will begin globally in April 2023, in person and via Zoom,  so that you can all be involved in the unfolding of ideas and the program.

So start saving now!  You simply cannot miss it!

Download the program