Worldwide Goddess Temples

This Priestess Convocation is about networking all that we do and all that we are into one place.  This is an ambitious vision, yet it is possible!

This page is to list all the Goddess Temples around the world.

If you hold space for a Temple, whether it be a room in your house, or a free standing building (yes…there are some like Goddess Temple and Hall in Glastonbury) please list it here, with a description of what you offer.  Simply send your contribution to

Temple of the Global Goddess


Name: Temple of the Global Goddess Sydney (an affiliated branch of the Temple of the Global Goddess in Maitland NSW)

Where: Monthly services at Stirling St Redfern – usually on the last Sunday of each month and the equinoxes and solstices

Opening hours: Open only during monthly services

Priestesses: Maree Lipschitz and Deborah Franco (3 years of training and ordination under High Priestess Anique Radiant Heart)

For: open to all women who feel that they want to further their understanding of the Goddess and connection to Her. You are welcome to join us for prayers, singing and discussion of goddesses at the services of the Temple each month as advertised on Facebook – Goddess Temple Sydney.