The Weavers

The Temple of the Global Goddess is an organisation founded and led by Anique Radiant Heart.  In 2012, she began to train Priestesses of the Global Goddess.

The ethos of this training is deeply grounded in feminism, and the understanding that pre-patriarchal spiritual ways are what will bring the world back to a place of true humanity and connection to All of Life.

The first 3 Graduates of this training, fully ordained as Priestesses after 3 years of rigorous training, and Anique are the Weavers of this Convocation.

They are:

Maree Lipschitz – Priestess Aphrodina

Deborah Franco – Priestess Iphimena

Jen Rosewarne – Priestess Iambe

Each brings her own unique skills to the table and together, the Weavers are a great team.  Already, they organise and roll out the Goddess Conference Australia and maintain a Goddess Temple in Maitland, New South Wales, and also in Sydney.

Well supported by Rebecca Smith, Michele Zaronias, Patricia McAloon, all Priestess Initiates of the Temple of the Global Goddess.


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