Proposed Schedule

The Great Remembering – programme

It seems like so long ago since we began the process of bringing together this Priestess Convocation Crete……in actual time, it has been 2years or so…yet in terms of thinking, dreaming, planning, revising etc…it seems like centuries have passed.

Yet here we are, a new contract, a renewed fervor and only 8 months to go! I have been working with Laura Krajewski and Delphine DeMore to recraft the schedule,which from now on will be referred as The Journey.

To apply to facilitate a ceremony, pick the day and the session you prefer, then go to the link next to the session and fill in the form.


6am – 6:30am ~ GREETING THE SUN


7.30 – 8.00m ~ PRAYER CIRCLE

*Registration details will be confirmed soon


Day 1 Friday

Friday Morning Session – Opening Ceremony – Raising Our Global Temple

On the first day, we shall gather in the large and glorious space, which by the way is  called the Athena Room, to raise our Global Temple. 

All that we need will have been prepared, and together, as priestesses and priests from  all over the world, we shall create sacred space and call in the Elements and Goddess.  This will be a deeply moving ceremony touching that tender place that we all hold, the  vision of a Temple in which to honour Her and ourselves. We are calling for a number  of groups to facilitate this Opening Ceremony as it will be completely participatory. If  

you are inspired to lead the calling of any element, (including the releasing of that  element at the closing ceremony.


Friday Afternoon Session – Honouring the Ancient Priestess  

This ceremony will tell the story of how the ancient Priestesses valiantly tried to defend  the Temples from the patriarchal invaders. How some were true to the Temple, and  how some were not. Yet in the end, they all survive today in us. 

We are calling for several groups of Priestesses to design and facilitate a participatory  ceremony to honour those who came before us. If this calls to you, please submit your  offering and ideas. (link) 


Friday Evening Session – Stirring the Cauldron of Connection

After a very deep day of ceremony, let us take a lighter, more personal note. We will gather and share our stories of being called to the Goddess, the one thing we are all guaranteed to have in common. And then let us and dance


DAY 2 – Saturday

Saturday Morning Session – Water 

Today, we ground the deep and transformational sacred work we did yesterday by taking an excursion to the Temple at Malia. We will move through the Temple site noting what is there and feeling the energy through our feet and hearts. At the Central  Altar, we will form a simple circle and in silence offer prayers.  

Afterwards, we shall move to the beach at Malia, and do a ceremony at the water. This ceremony should encompass releasing grief for the loss of those priestesses who came before us, for all the heritage that has been lost to us from that time and honoring the  Water that carries those memories. We invite priestesses who are moved by this herstory  to submit proposals for this ceremony. (link) 


Saturday Evening Session – Temple of Arts of the Priestess  

An evening of sharing the artistic expressions we use to honor the Goddess. Submit your proposal for a presentation of Visual Art, Song, Dance, Theatrical Presentations, Poetry  Reading.


DAY 3 – Sunday

Today is a day celebrated all over the planet in different ways. Essentially, it is the day we honour those who have passed. We are calling for a ceremony that will unfold how different cultures honour their dead.

Sunday Morning Session – Honouring Our Ancestors  

We are calling for a ceremony where participants can honour their personal ancestors.  This can take any shape or form, allowing us to mourn together. We invite each participant to bring a picture of their ancestors to place on the Ancestors Wall. We invite proposals from different cultures and histories for this ceremony .

Sunday Afternoon Session – Honouring Those Who Were Burned

Many diverse peoples were burned as witches during the burning times. We are calling  for a ceremony that allows us to remember, honour, bless and release the Souls of those  who burned. Ceremonies from a variety of different viewpoints would be greatly welcomed. Please submit your proposal for this ceremony. 

Sunday Evening Session – Divine Divination

At this time when the veils are thinnest, it is a perfect time for divination. 

Our Temple shall be transformed into the Oracle Sanctuary, where a number of you will  have tables set up to offer a short divination for any who wish it. If you are interested in  offering divination services, please submit your application. Ideally, enough diviners will  be available to allow for short shifts and many options. 

DAY 4 – Monday

 Having passed through the grief, and the release, we come to the healing. Morning Session – Healing Ways, Open Discussion  

How have we as Priestesses, perpetuated the wounding? What do we do that causes harm? What rituals or ceremonies or other activities have we crafted instead of perpetuating the wounds? How do we facilitate Sisterhood? 


Monday Afternoon Session – Healing Ceremony  

This ceremony is all about processing and releasing, healing the wounded places and  creating space for new growth. This ceremony needs to be fully interactive and involve  as many groups as possible as facilitators.

Monday Evening Session – Visiting the Temple of Healing  

Healers are invited to submit applications to offer healing for each other. Many healers means no one is drained and all have access to the power of healing. 

DAY 5 – Tuesday  Excursion day to Temple of Knossos  

Today, we ground the deep and transformational sacred work we did yesterday by  taking an excursion to the Temple at Knossos. We will move through the Temple site  absorbing the energy of the Snake Priestesses who served on this land. At a grove of  trees at the back of the Temple we shall honour the land, the ancient Priestesses and the  power of their Snake Medicine. 

We are calling for a ceremony that needs to incorporate the celebration of the Sisterhood  today and sending the energy back in time to connect to the Ancient Sisterhood, forming  a continuation of their lineage and healing them and ourselves.

Tuesday Evening Session – Priestess Gala  

Tonight we don our party clothes and dance…dance….dance!!!! An evening of celebratory movement, rhythm and singing along.  

DAY 6 – Wednesday

Today we look forward to our possible futures…… 

Wednesday Morning Session – Stirring the Cauldron  

This will be a panel session which will explore how do we envision the future now – post covid? What personal commitments can we make to action? How can our plans for  ritual and celebration be infused with the changes we want to see? 

Wednesday Afternoon Session  

We are looking for a beautiful ceremony which will portray how we might do ceremony  in a new world. What processes, ways of thinking and being can we offer as a new way  to celebrate She Who Is All? Again, we would like this ceremony to be fully interactive. 

Wednesday Evening Session – Sacred Drama  

“Quintessence in Crete: Return of the Goddesses of the Wheel of Ariadne” A glorious play by Alexandra Cichon 

DAY 7 – Thursday

Thursday Morning Session – Setting our Intention Group Discussion  

After a short introduction which will encapsulate all we have learned during the week,  we shall break into small groups to set our intentions as a Global Priestess Community. 

What energetic atmosphere do we need to create to support a more Goddess centered world? How do we envision this Global shift? 

Then we shall gather together again and share. 

Thursday Afternoon Session – Closing Ceremony  

Stepping through the portal of our shared vision. 

All will gather in circle in the Athena Room. 

We would like to see all the groups who have facilitated experiences for us, to come  together to facilitate this closing circle. 

Those who invoked elements release them. All release circle through stones.