Dreaming Circles

What is a dreaming circle?

The Dreaming Circles is an opportunity to envision the manifestation of a Global Convocation of Priestesses to take place in Crete 2020. Our dreaming circle is for all who are in service to She Who is All as a Priestess or Priest, and who are interested in attending the Priestess Convocation or who want to share ideas about it! We will share, suggest, dialog and visualise.


6 October 2018

Hostess Yeshe Matthews

The Sacred Well, located inside the Historic McCloud River Inn, 325 Lawndale Court, McCloud CA 96057

Please RSVP to yeshematthews@gmail.com 510-355-7912



21 October 2018  – 1:30 – 4pm

Hostess Amalya

Goddess Studio

Please RSVP amalyagoddess@aol.com 760-432-6574


Winterthur – Switzerland

3 March 2019

Hostess Stephanie Schudel

Bühlhofstrasse 17, 8405 Winterthur-Seen

Please RSVP stephanie@pureheart.ch