Conch Priestesses

The Conch Priestess

THE CONCH PRIESTESS – What will she actually do?

The most important part of being a Conch Priestess for the  Priestess Convocation Crete 2020 is having a Community of Priestesses and Priests who are willing to support the Convocation by:

Registering for the Convocation

Coming together to make an Offering

Disseminating information to their networks

As Conch Priestess, you will be the first point of contact for enquiries regarding the involvement of those coming from your land.  As the time moves closer, there will be a need to collaborate on travel arrangements, the collaborative creation of an altar to represent your community in our Global Temple, co-ordinating your Land’s participation in the Grand Procession, and the collaborative creation of a banner (to specification) representing your Land/Community.

At the Convocation, you will lead your Land in the Grand Procession.

The Grand Precession will be the official opening of the Convocation.  Those who wish to process will gather together, dressed in the colours of their land, and process down the two aisles of the Auditorium led by the Conch Priestess, who will be flanked by the Banner Carrier.  Each group will have a designated place to stand as the Procession unfolds and the Banner Carrier will place the Banner on the stage at a designated spot.

The Conch priestess will keep an email list of all who contact her which she will share with the Weavers one week prior to the Convocation.

We anticipate that the Conch Priestesses will have regular Circles with the Weavers at the Convocation, to make sure everything is unfolding well for everyone.  This may take place in our Beehive – a special room for meetings or over a meal.

The Bazaar (Marketplace) will be very popular and we may have to designate a number of stalls to each Country.  The Conch Priestess will co-ordinate the selection of who will have the stalls, or may decide to have a number of group stalls.

Conch shells have a long history of ritualistic use in a variety of cultures and religions.

Ancient believers in these practices have maintained that conch shells hold certain metaphysical properties.

In fact, the conch shell is still viewed by adherents to various religions as having an array of distinctive spiritual qualities



The conch shell has long been used in rituals by Tibetan Buddhists, who will blow a conch shell to call worshippers to a religious assembly. Conch shells also are used by Buddhists as receptacles for holy water and as an instrument in the performance of religious music.

The conch shell’s use in Tibetan Buddhism originates with the significance these shells held in India’s Vajrayana Buddhism. Beforehand, the conch was a highly significant symbol in ancient Hinduism. In modern Buddhism, the conch shell represents the voice of Buddha. Adherents believe its sound can awaken a person from ignorance.



In ancient Indian mythology, the Goddess Gayathri blew into a conch shell and made the first sound in all creation, a sacred sound known as “aum.” In Hinduism, the conch shell represents the five elements–earth, water, fire, air and space. In modern India, the conch shell is blown at the beginning of sacred rituals because of the belief that the vibrations emitted from the conch shell will dispel negative energy and purify the environment.


Hawaiian Beliefs

The conch shell commonly is used in Hawaiian ceremonies. According to ancient Hawaiian belief, an ancient race of tiny people called the Menehune once co-existed with Polynesians, who considered this tiny race to be godlike. New settlers to the islands believed the sound made from blowing a conch shell had the power to control these tiny deities. They would blow the conch shell whenever they wanted the Menehune to do their bidding. One Hawaiian legend recounts how the Menehune, fed up with this abuse, stole the special conch and played it night and day, preventing the Hawaiians from getting any sleep. Finally, brave Hawaiians retrieved the stolen conch shell from the Menehune.


Various Beliefs

Adherents to certain aspects of New Age spirituality believe conch shells symbolize such feminine aspects as birth, regeneration, marriage and fertility. In China, some believe conch shells can bring good luck and ensure a positive experience in the afterlife. In Islam, the conch shell represents hearing the divine word, while ancient Greeks and Romans used the conch shell to symbolize their respective sea deities. The conch shell was even part of the belief system of the ancient Mayans, who believed its spiral shape represented infinity.

The Conch Priestess therefore is the one who responds to the call to be the one who “calls” all in her diaspora to the presence of Spirit or Deity.  She will be the one who “heralds” news and is the contact point for enquiries.  As the time gets closer to our beautiful Convocation in 2020, the Weavers of the event will have a large workload, so the Conch Priestess will handle all local arrangements as the need unfolds.

The Conch Priestesses, in some cases, will also be the hostesses of the Dreaming Circles.  This already will give her a contact list of those interested in having their say along the way, and a feeling for what is wanted and needed.  She will also have a pool of sisters, ready to assist her at the Convocation.


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