Hello beautiful community.

We, the Weavers of the Convocation 2022 are feeling energized and fully committed to the unfoldment of a spectacular and inspiring gathering this year; and we feel you are feeling it too.

Come and join us Sisters for 7 days of wonderful immersion in Goddess Priestessing.

 Friday 21 October 2022  –  Thursday 27 October 2022


For the first time in 5,000 years, Priestesses from all over the world will gather……. IT’S TIME

We trust that you are well and safe and Goddess is holding you at this turbulent time as a new Earth emerges. Thank you for your blessed ticket purchase to the Convocation and for your patience.

We are pleased to announce that the new date for the Priestess Convocation is Friday 21 October 2022  –  Thursday 27 October 2022. We hope and pray that you will be able to join us then as you would have done this year.

As we midwife Her return to Her natural place of Spiritual Authority in this world, we, Her children in service will come together, with our hearts wide open and our egos well in check.


Because we need to REALLY work together to co-create the power and beauty it takes to make deep change.


To blossom  a new earth all over this planet.


Imagine….. a SEVEN day plenary experience, collaboration of Ceremony, Dialogue, Presentations, Art, Music, Dance, Local Tours, and co-creation to empower the Priestess and revitalise the Motherworld Vision for the Globe.  The Convocation will take place on the beautiful Greek Isle of Crete, home of the ancient Priestesses.


We are all in this time of remembering, and those of us who have been feeling the shifts and changes, and been a little confused by them, can now understand that we are all being prepared.  And when we come together in Crete, some very deep and ancient “codes” of Being, will be remembered by us ALL.

“PRIESTESS CONVOCATION 2022 –The Great Remembering”.

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